Can I keep her?

The hardest thing for me when refinishing furniture is letting things go.  The problem with keeping everything is

  1. I would be BROKE as a joke.
  2. My house would bust at the seams.
  3. The hubs would leave me.

So sadly this gorgeous little table is going in the for sale pile. Sniff Sniff.

Here she is before:

before tiff blue table

The legs were REALLY wobbly and the marble insert was pink (ewwww).  After i reattached the legs with wood glue and new screws, I had to decide what to do with the pink marble. I thought I would replace it with some glass, but I had seen on some blogs where people had PAINTED over the marble on their fireplaces successfully. It wouldn’t hurt to try and if it failed I could go the glass route.  A coat of primer and some grey paint and it covered beautifully!

Everyone needs a Tiffany blue table right?

Tiff Blue Table