In Love!


I am so happy with how today’s little project turned out! I had a couple of pieces of pallet wood laying around that I wanted to use it up.

raw pallet

I put a little wood glue between them and staple gunned them together.

I taped off the letters with painters tape. This is the step that took the longest, I used stencils and traced my letters then used an Xacto knife and had to carefully cut the tape to make a perfect match. There is probably a better way to do this step, if you know of one please leave a comment!

taped sign

I was super excited to try out General Finishes Java Gel Stain, or I probably would of given up on this project. Here is what I used to complete the next step.


I applied the stain with a foam brush, then used an old sock to wipe it off.  The tape started to peel up a little bit which totally freaked me out. I was super gentle with how I rubbed off the stain.


My original plan was to paint the letters white once I pulled off the tape, but I really loved how the natural look of the wood turned out.

I found these little flowers on clearance at my local craft store.


I used some craft glue and glued these babies over the heart.

I think its adorable and just in time for Valentine’s Day!



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