Help my living room!


How dreamy is this living room?!?!?!?!

I am starting with a big boring room, Here is my fireplace now

fireplace before

It is so sad and boring it makes me want to cry!

Here is how I would like my room to be laid out

set up

Our dining room table is already in the right location, as is the fireplace and tv cabinet. We have a big wall of windows behind where the sofa is to be so that works nicely too.

These are my inspiration chairs I found at Overstock INSPIRE-Q-Peterson-Grey-Chevron-Slipper-Chair-427c2863-c3f3-4465-868f-7a0023adf520_80

I am trying to get up the nerve to paint our old wood tv cabinet, but can’t decide what exactly to do with it. Here is what it looks like now

tv cabinet

So here is where you come in, dear reader! Help a girl out.  What colors should I go with on the walls, couch, tv cabinet? Any advice, tips, and brilliance would be much adored!


4 thoughts on “Help my living room!

  1. I am a big fan of white, gray and different shades of purple as a color scheme with black and chrome hardware. As for the TV cabinet I would suggest/consider removing the center section, mounting the television on the wall and then painting the two side sections in a white or light gray to sit on either side of the wall mounted television. Make things a little more simplistic without losing too much storage. Just a thought. Great blog, keep it up! I am also participating in Blogging 101.


  2. I like the idea of doing bold bright colors against neutral grays… I can’t see how big the room is, but I would go radical and try cobalt blue. I am also obsessed with a color called Eeyore’s raincloud. Its one of the Disney paint colors. It is a really dark dramatic gray. Could be a nice contrast to lighter grays. Plus the name is wicked fun 🙂


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