Can I keep her?

The hardest thing for me when refinishing furniture is letting things go.  The problem with keeping everything is

  1. I would be BROKE as a joke.
  2. My house would bust at the seams.
  3. The hubs would leave me.

So sadly this gorgeous little table is going in the for sale pile. Sniff Sniff.

Here she is before:

before tiff blue table

The legs were REALLY wobbly and the marble insert was pink (ewwww).  After i reattached the legs with wood glue and new screws, I had to decide what to do with the pink marble. I thought I would replace it with some glass, but I had seen on some blogs where people had PAINTED over the marble on their fireplaces successfully. It wouldn’t hurt to try and if it failed I could go the glass route.  A coat of primer and some grey paint and it covered beautifully!

Everyone needs a Tiffany blue table right?

Tiff Blue Table

In Love!


I am so happy with how today’s little project turned out! I had a couple of pieces of pallet wood laying around that I wanted to use it up.

raw pallet

I put a little wood glue between them and staple gunned them together.

I taped off the letters with painters tape. This is the step that took the longest, I used stencils and traced my letters then used an Xacto knife and had to carefully cut the tape to make a perfect match. There is probably a better way to do this step, if you know of one please leave a comment!

taped sign

I was super excited to try out General Finishes Java Gel Stain, or I probably would of given up on this project. Here is what I used to complete the next step.


I applied the stain with a foam brush, then used an old sock to wipe it off.  The tape started to peel up a little bit which totally freaked me out. I was super gentle with how I rubbed off the stain.


My original plan was to paint the letters white once I pulled off the tape, but I really loved how the natural look of the wood turned out.

I found these little flowers on clearance at my local craft store.


I used some craft glue and glued these babies over the heart.

I think its adorable and just in time for Valentine’s Day!


Help my living room!


How dreamy is this living room?!?!?!?!

I am starting with a big boring room, Here is my fireplace now

fireplace before

It is so sad and boring it makes me want to cry!

Here is how I would like my room to be laid out

set up

Our dining room table is already in the right location, as is the fireplace and tv cabinet. We have a big wall of windows behind where the sofa is to be so that works nicely too.

These are my inspiration chairs I found at Overstock INSPIRE-Q-Peterson-Grey-Chevron-Slipper-Chair-427c2863-c3f3-4465-868f-7a0023adf520_80

I am trying to get up the nerve to paint our old wood tv cabinet, but can’t decide what exactly to do with it. Here is what it looks like now

tv cabinet

So here is where you come in, dear reader! Help a girl out.  What colors should I go with on the walls, couch, tv cabinet? Any advice, tips, and brilliance would be much adored!

Transformation Tuesday

I am super happy how my first transformation Tuesday turned out! I made this for my son out of an old typeset drawer. I used General Finishes milk paint, which is an absolute dream to paint with. My little guy loves it and has rearranged all his guys about 100 1,000 times. Maybe, just maybe, I won’t step on these darn things in the middle of the night any more. I am regretting all the little pieces I sucked up with my vacuum over the years now 😦


Change isn’t really a color… Maybe you already knew that. I have to confess that maybe I don’t really love change as much as my blog title conveys, but I am trying to embrace the fact that I am some what of a change-aholic. In my 34 years of life I have been a daughter, sister, special education major, business major, real estate agent, pastry chef, toy seller, kitchen gadget sales rep, wife, mother, photographer, health coach, furniture painter, yes the list goes on. Why keep all this fun to myself? Welcome to this ever evolving life of change.